Friday, February 20, 2009

Our humble abode

This is me, waving at you all on Valentine's Day from Kitsilano Beach!

Hello there,

Well I just checked the last time I posted and it has been far too long. We'll just leave it at that. Anyway, I have had some requests to put up some pictures of our new place and so I took a few photos (of the living area at least). You may notice a conspicuous lack of bedroom shots, however since our bedroom consists of a mattress on the floor and two end tables that are being used as nightstands, you're not missing much. I've also added some photos from our recent walk in the glorious sunshine around Vancouver. You can check out these shots here.

This is beautiful Vancouver. We're looking across False Creek at downtown from near to Granville Island

We are in the process of trying to decide if we want to go away for Easter weekend. We get Good Friday and Easter Monday off at UBC so we thought we could take advantage of that and go down to Oregon or something. Originally the plan was to go somewhere hot but due to the fact that we still don't own any bedroom furniture that plan quickly got quashed (by both of us).

Barak Obama came to Canada today. He came for lunch it seems :) No seriously, he arrived at 7:30am and was going to be home for dinner. We'll see what comes out of the visit. It seems more ceremonial but without any ceremonies as there were no actual chances for people to see him. I'm hoping he does enact the mandate against buying oil from the oilsands but that's the environmentalist in me and not the economist.

We have just had our sixth day of sunshine in a row. I'm not sure we Vancouverites can manage a seventh day. Our skin is drying up and is crying out for rain. I'm just kidding. I'm loving the +10 degrees. I enjoyed another beautiful walk down to the beach today.

Ok, that's it for this post. BTW if you are getting this in an email and would rather not just let me know. I will not be hurt and I can take you off the email list.

Jag saknar alla mina kompisar!
En stor kram,

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