Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shots of Summer

Hi Everyone,

We have been keeping pretty busy what with the move at the start of the month and then two weekend trips away - one to Kelowna to visit my mom and Wayne and one to Harrison Hot Springs Resort with Ben's parents. Ben and his mom did a "first" triathlon together and they both did great - Ben finished 1st overall and his mom was first in her age group (I'm just impressed they both completed it). Of course, we've been trying to fit in a few visits to see our newest niece and to hang out with our other nieces and nephew. Here are a few shots from our summer so far!

Miss you all,

Jake at Ben's mom's birthday party at the end of May

One of my naps on the couch, note the interesting pose

My sister and Kiley - lots of smiles!

Grandpa Tom and Kiley in her snuggly.

Amy's birthday hula hoop at Spanish Banks beach (this
was in June and it was cold).

Ben and his mom ready to start the Triathlon.

Emerging from the cold water

At the transition point between biking and running - he was in second at this point.

And the winner is....

Other people from Ben's lab did the race too!

Walking along the lake shore

Dinner at the resort restaurant, complete with four-piece band, and dance floor. The whole resort reminded me of the film "Dirty Dancing" minus all the nasty bits.

Another day, another shot with Grandpa.

Lazing around with Dad.

Here is a primo belly shot - 3 weeks to go and still playing badminton (albeit somewhat lazily).

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hi All!

Summer is just around the corner but it doesn't really feel like it's here yet. Well, ok, yesterday and today have been pretty nice but we have been experiencing a lot of grey days, which to be honest don't always make me want to get out of bed.

This weekend is Father's Day in Canada so we're spending some time with our Dads and also celebrating our niece's 5th birthday. We also have to go to a pool party at Ben's boss' house but I have to admit that I'm not sure I'm going to be parading around in my bathing suit at this pool party (or even getting in the water at all). My belly has grown substantially in the last few weeks and I'm starting to feel like I'm carrying around a watermelon.

We recently went to Victoria on Vancouver Island for a weekend away. We had fantastic weather and were able to enjoy walking around downtown Victoria and just chilling. We also spent some time with Ben's family (most of whom live on the Island) and Ben managed to squeeze in some late night trout fishing with his cousin.

Here are a few shots of our spring:

I hope you are all doing well. We miss you!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Olympics

Hey there! Well I finally figured out how to transfer images from our phone to the computer so I thought I would share a few snaps of our Olympic experience. We didn't get out to enjoy as much of the festivities as we would have liked (what with me feeling crappy and all) but we did get to the Men's Mogul events, where Alexander Bilodeau became the first Canadian to win Olympic gold on home soil, to a men's hockey match between Slovakia and Latvia - there was a great deal of sportsmanship on behalf of the fans at this game (we all wanted Latvia to score a goal by the end) and to a men's sledge hockey game at the Paralympics, which was quite the fun experience.

I know these are somewhat overdue (like three months) but better late than never right!

This is looking back at downtown Vancouver while we waited for our "Olympic Bus" to take us up the mountain for the moguls event.

Ben, wearing his Olympic gear, waiting at Lonsdale Quay.

You had to walk about a km to get to the event. Note the lack of snow everywhere except on the runs!

Where it all happens. We lucked out and had such a beautiful day.

The crowd waits for the event to start.

We switched sides during the finals. We only had standing "seats". Behind us at this point were about 4 men from Sweden. I think we surprised them when we asked, "Varifrån i Sverige kommer du?" (Sorry if this is grammatically incorrect). They then proceeded to tell us we had to cheer for the Swedish guy, Jesper somebody. I told them "Vi ska hålla for båda Sverige och Kanada."

Another beautiful day in Vancouver, where the sun always shines (hahaha). We are on our way to the hockey game, slowly making our way through the crowded streets of downtown.

A pick-up hockey game in the middle of downtown.

Shots of the city all decked out.

Slovakia vs. Latvia

Making our way back to the bus after the hockey game.
We went to a sledge hockey game with our friends, Sheena and Ryan. This was Canada vs. Norway. Canada won this one but ended up losing to Norway when it counted.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My new niece - Kiley Burton

My sister had her baby on Sunday night - almost the same day as my b-day. I went for a visit today and everyone was doing well. Thought this was pretty cute, although probably not that comfortable for her. E.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

There actually is something there...

So we were introduced to our soon-to-be family member today. I don't know about you but I think he/she has Ben's nose. Apparently the baby has decided to be stubborn like it's parents as it wouldn't roll over for the technician to get the abdominal shot. However, she managed to get an image eventually (like after an hour of pressing on my stomach).

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hawaii a month later...

Hej Hej

So as promised here are a few shots from our trip to Hawaii. We went for 10 days and spent 4 nights on Kauai and 5 nights on Maui. I think both Ben and I preferred Kauai, it was smaller, so lush and green (but it does get a lot of more rain) and just more of a laid back feel to it.

There were even chickens and roosters running around everywhere - including in between the buildings of our hotel.

Our first day there was a bit cloudy and drizzly so we decided to go up to see this canyon - Waimea Canyon. Unfortunately a lot of the view points were a bit foggy but we got to the end of the road and did this short mile hike and it cleared up a bit. You wouldn't want to do this hike if it was raining though as the path was more like a clay bank so it would be pretty slick.

This is looking back at the peak we hiked up to.

On our way back down the mountain road it cleared up and we were able to finally get a decent shot of the canyon.

And then since it was sunny when we got back to the coast we stopped at the Salt Ponds Park and enjoyed a swim and some sun while being serenaded by families out for a Sunday picnic at the beach singing karaoke.

The next day was beautiful and so we decided to head up the east coast of the island and check out the Kilauea Point Wildlife Refuge and Lighthouse. That was quite a good stop - especially if you like looking at birds, which we do. We saw two Nene - cousins to the Canada goose, quite a few Moli or Layson albatrosses, which are huge. We were lucky enough to see two take-off from their grassy slope of a runway. We also saw blue-footed boobies and a 'Iwa or Great Frigate birds.

After this stop, we continued up to the North Coast where we stopped at Tunnels Beach, called this, because there is a very cavernous tunnel across the street from the beach. The waves were pretty big at this beach and it was very large so you could be quite spread out from others. I also had a very delicious mango smoothie made fresh for me from a small truck (you can tell which memory stand out the most).

Our last day we were schedule to go on a boat cruise up the Na'Pali coast which is supposed to be amazing but unfortunately it was somewhat windy and rainy on the west coast that day so our trip was cancelled. Instead we checked out Wailua Falls on our way back to the east coast where our hotel was. We saw this fantastic rainbow on our way there.

The story of Maui was humpback whales. We saw them everywhere. You couldn't look out at the ocean without seeing a spray or an arched back. Our first day in Maui we were pretty laid back, Ben actually did a little work and I spent the afternoon at the beach of our hotel. The second day we went on a day long snorkeling trip to Molokini Crater and to the Island of Lanai. Here are the first visitors of the day...

This was a great day. We had beautiful weather and saw tons of whales, including seeing them breach jumping out of the water and some impressive tail and fin slips. We went snorkeling at two spots and enjoyed lunch on the boat.It ended with me getting an impressive sunburn on the front side of my body though. Unfortunately, I was almost the colour of my bright pink shirt.

On our third day in Maui it was overcast so we decided to head out and do a little shopping. Nothing exciting to report. The shops are pretty much the same anywhere you went on Maui (or so it seemed) full of touristy things. When we got back to the hotel it had cleared up so we enjoyed some beach time. That we went to a show that was a bit cirque-du-soleil-like and learned about the legends of how Hawaii and Hawaiians came to be. Afterward we enjoyed a fancy steak supper at Ruth's Chris Steak house.

On Sunday, Ben decided to take a surfing lesson in the morning. He did really well getting up right away, unfortunately by the time he got to where I could take a picture of him the waves look a bit puny (and they weren't huge to start with but hey this was a group of beginners).

In the afternoon we went up to the north west coast and spent the afternoon at a beach with even bigger waves and proceeded to watch surfers and boogie boarders fall off their boards.

This was our last full-day in Maui and we experienced another great rainbow and a fantastic sunset that night (this is a real photo and hasn't been doctored in anyway).

Now some of you may be wondering why only Ben went surfing and for those people who were observant you may have noticed that I am slightly more paunchy (and busty) in these photos than I was when you last saw me. To let you in on a little secret, Ben and I are expecting and will grow our family by one in mid-August. This put a little crimp in our Hawaii vacation as I was pretty sick most of the time and ended up going to sleep at 8pm or so each night. And of course, there were no shared bottles of wine on our Lanais but we still had a great time (and I'm now finally feeling a bit better).

Sorry for the lateness of this post. Next post will include photos of the Olympics. It will probably only take me another month to get to those!