Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bear with me (get it?!)

Hej hej,

So, we went camping at the beginning of the month and we had quite the adventure. We ended up driving about 3 hours north of Vancouver to a very beautiful and mountainous area. We stayed at Birkenhead Lake Provincial Park. This is what greeted us when we entered the campsite:

We met Yogi and Booboo the next day:



Needless to say our camping trip was a wildlife filled one. We had a nice time though and for more shots from our trip you can check out my flikr photostream

It is now June 23rd as of next Wednesday, July 1st (Canada Day) I will be officially unemployed, or should I say "funemployed". I saw an article in the Globe and Mail (a Canadian national newspaper) about how more and more gen-xers are extending their periods of unemployment because they find the time off so rewarding. I'm betting Ben hopes I don't take on that attitude :) Seriously though I'm looking for work but plan to enjoy at least the end of next week at a more leisurely job search pace.

Hope all is well with you!
Kram Erin

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