Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shots of Summer

Hi Everyone,

We have been keeping pretty busy what with the move at the start of the month and then two weekend trips away - one to Kelowna to visit my mom and Wayne and one to Harrison Hot Springs Resort with Ben's parents. Ben and his mom did a "first" triathlon together and they both did great - Ben finished 1st overall and his mom was first in her age group (I'm just impressed they both completed it). Of course, we've been trying to fit in a few visits to see our newest niece and to hang out with our other nieces and nephew. Here are a few shots from our summer so far!

Miss you all,

Jake at Ben's mom's birthday party at the end of May

One of my naps on the couch, note the interesting pose

My sister and Kiley - lots of smiles!

Grandpa Tom and Kiley in her snuggly.

Amy's birthday hula hoop at Spanish Banks beach (this
was in June and it was cold).

Ben and his mom ready to start the Triathlon.

Emerging from the cold water

At the transition point between biking and running - he was in second at this point.

And the winner is....

Other people from Ben's lab did the race too!

Walking along the lake shore

Dinner at the resort restaurant, complete with four-piece band, and dance floor. The whole resort reminded me of the film "Dirty Dancing" minus all the nasty bits.

Another day, another shot with Grandpa.

Lazing around with Dad.

Here is a primo belly shot - 3 weeks to go and still playing badminton (albeit somewhat lazily).

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